The Left’s War on Women: Rethinking Abortion’s Beneficiaries and Victims

Four days post-hysterectomy feels a lot like four days postpartum without a teeny baby to squish and cuddle. But after carrying seven children to term, in addition to two early

Statement on the Horrors in Israel

I haven’t known what to say over the past several days regarding the horrors in Israel. As a Torah Observant Christian, Israel is especially important to me and my family.

Governor’s God-Complex Now Visible From Outer Space: UPDATED

Updated – 10-12-2023 Facing severe political backlash over her original decision, MLG reduced the size of her gun ban. Which public spaces remain “gun-free” under the altered ban? Oh, that

An Open Letter to Taos County Patriots:

My earliest political memory is still vivid. It was 1988, so I was nine. Reagan was president, and I was already a proud Republican (though after Reagan that pride would

How to get involved

PRECINCT CHAIRS NEEDED!! Would you like to have a voice AND a vote in what is happening in Taos County’s Republican Party? ALL precinct chairs are voting members of RPTC’s

It’s Time to Get to Work

“It’s time for a few things to happen,” said incoming Chairwoman Sarah Valente. “First of all, we need to find each other. There are Republicans in Taos County, many more