*The information on this page was taken from the Better Together New Mexico Referendum Project page. This page contains the petition links for Taos County only.

We the People of New Mexico are exercising the rights afforded to us in the New Mexico Constitution and are saying, “NO!” to some horrible bills that were just passed in this last legislative session.

Keep mailing your petitions to:

  • Referendum Project
    P.O. Box 3188, Roswell, NM 88202

There are six bills that we will be signing and gathering signatures for. Each of these INDIVIDUAL petitions MUST only be signed once per person! Signing a petition for referendum more than once is a felony offense, so make this point strongly to everyone you ask to sign.

Click here to read up on HB4 so you are prepared to answer questions.

Click here to read up on HB7 so you are prepared to answer questions.

Click here to read up on SB397 so you are prepared to answer questions.

Click here to read up on SB13 so you are prepared to answer questions.

Click here to read up on SB180 so you are prepared to answer questions.

Click here to read up on HB207 so you are prepared to answer questions.

Have you ever wanted to leave your mark on history? This is the peaceful revolution you’ve been waiting for. This is a real shot at making a difference. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic effort that will lead to We the People taking back our God-given rights.

These bills are not anti-Republican; they are anti-American. Please involve every New Mexican you know in this fight for our freedom!

Please let your people know that they may sign each of these petitions without showing up in person. This may be necessary for some who are going out of town in May. All they will need to do is print, sign, verify (on the back of the page), and mail the petitions to the P.O. Box by the deadline. Please make it clear to everyone that electronic signatures are NOT legal signatures for these petitions. They must put pen to paper. 

Referendum Project
P.O. Box 3188, Roswell, NM 88202

If you are printing the petition pages in order to sign them for yourself, you might as well talk to your friends and family to ask them to sign as well!

In order to legally sign our 6 Taos County petitions, the signer must be a qualified elector. This simply means that the signer is at least 18 years old and is a resident of Taos County. The signer does not have to be a registered voter, but because our goal is to get these bills on the 2024 ballot where voters can vote against them (or for them, depending on how the issue is ultimately phrased – it will inevitably be confusing) it is important to ask all unregistered signers to please register to vote. If they choose not to, their ID will be required. If they are registered to vote, it is important that the address they put on the “post-office” line be the address at which they are registered. Note: signers will also need to know their precinct # or have someone look up that information for them.

(You do not need to be a voter registration agent to walk someone through the online process of registering.)

Look up voter information including precinct #.

Hand these resources to people in line to sign, or display copies on your table:

Below is an example of a signature line on a petition. As you can see, it would be difficult to make out my name by looking at my signature on line #1. To keep my signature from being thrown out, I could choose to sign in a way that is readable (or even simply print my name), or I could do what I’ve done on line #2 (include my printed name above my signature). I’ve used an electronic signature for this example only; e-signatures are not valid on these petitions.

To identify these petitions on your clipboards, use a Post-it note. Do not mark on the petitions to identify them.

If altered in even a small way, these petitions will become invalid. Therefore, we cannot add a separate line for “printed name.” We have to make do with what the State requires. Each signature will be matched to the address provided. If the name is not legible, it will not count toward our numbers.

The other information being asked for is my physical address, my ZIP code, and my precinct #.

At the Headquarters throughout the month of May, and at our Open Mic Night in Questa, etc., we will have tables set up where people can come to sign the petitions. (Again, I cannot stress this enough, only one signature per person per petition!) In order for a table to be proper and legal, the bills in question must be posted in their entirety. PDF versions are provided below for printing. So that everyone can “take a copy home,” we’ve been provided with a page of QR codes to put on the front of our Binder of Bad Bills. This binder will involve a lot of printing considering one of the bills is 178 pages long!

Many of the referendum tables are choosing to display/hand out NM Constitutions. If you do not have NM Constitutions, you may choose to display/hand out the sections that allow We the People to take the course of action we are taking.

Check back throughout the month of May for dates and locations of referendum tables!

Republican HQ in Taos: 12-6 on Mondays (except Memorial Day), Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Until June 2!

Thank you for being part of this historic fight to preserve the soul of our state!

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Always,

Sarah Valente, Chairwoman
Republican Party of Taos County

P.S. If you are a resident of another county and need help finding your county’s petitions, click here or email me.